Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Year in Review

Are you tired of the "Top Movies of 2008," the "Top News Events of 2008," or the "Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2008?" Of course not! So here we go...my top lists of 2008.

Favorite Meal: Thai Salmon

Worst Dessert: Castagnaccio HANDS DOWN THE WINNER!

Best Dessert: My 40th birthday cake

Favorite Ingredient: Celery HERE, HERE, & HERE

Least Favorite Ingredient: Roasted Chestnut Flour

Favorite post of 2008: My day of baking couldn't get any better!

Chile Roasting Day

1 comment:

Manggy said...

Ha ha! That castagnaccio kills me every time. Is it maybe the worst one of all time? :D