Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homeade Gin

Tyler gets to take over the blog for a day because he's making gin!

I didn't keep track of exact amounts on the ingredients, except the powdered Green Chile, but here's a best-guess:
Popotillo (Mormon Tea) - Three 4-Inch Twigs
Juniper Berries - 1/4 Cup
Pine Needles - 1/8 Cup
Fresh Mint - 1/8 Cup
Cilantro - 1/2 Cup (Loosely Packed)
Peel from 1 Lime
Powdered Green Chile 1/8 tsp

The Popotillo, Juniper Berries, Pine Needles, and Mint were foraged on a dog walk in the forest near my house.
I bruised each of the ingredients, except the Green Chile, in a mortar and pestle before putting it in the jar. I poured 2 Cups Smirnoff Triple Distilled 100 Proof (the only 100 Proof vodka I could find in my town) over the mixture and let it sit for four days, swirling it around in the jar three or four times during that time. On Day 4, I poured the mixture through a coffee filter, and then poured it through another coffee filter. I haven't bought a Brita filter yet, but will probably do that at some point. I then mixed the resulting green liquid with 2 Cups Stolichnaya.
Next time -- and there will definitely be a next time -- I'll use less Lime Peel. All-in-all, it was a grand success.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I love my job

I always love my job, but moments like this I REALLY love my job:
This is an order from last Saturday.  A family of 3 - a mom and two small children (7 and 9).  All three ordered our modernist tasting dinner.  The 7 year old girl ordered the lamb chop - which, btw, is her regular order (they come once a month).  The 9 year old boy ordered oxtail...why?...because he had never had it.  Bottom right shows the drink order - mom had a nice German beer while the kids both had Japanese Ramune drinks.  Great night out for them and lots of fun for me!