Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recent Dishes

Don't miss the link at the bottom. Here are my pics:
"Mojito" - Foraged mint gelée, burnt sugar crema, brown butter hazelnut financier, spiced rum granité.

Morning Melon Ball - Acorn, chardonnayed canteloup, tomato gelée, fresh basil, black tea sablé, sweet juniper, goat yogurt sphere, nasturtium blossom

Foraged Seafood - Green apple, nasturtium, wasabi espuma, cucumber gelée, foraged crawfish, foraged watercress

Bread Course/Milk & Honey - Brown butter hazelnut financier, smoked butter, pine nut panna cotta, black sesame tuile, local corn and tomatillo salsa, paprika oil

Check out a professional photographer's take on my food HERE.