Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recipe: Butterscotch Pie

I love butterscotch pie but I hate how most are made with morsels (chemical flavoring) or corn starch thickener (gritty).  So I've been working on my version which gets natural flavors and a smooth consistency.  Here it is:

90 g Muscovado sugar (if you don't have it use dark brown)
540 g Cream
180 g Yolks
2 T Butter
1/4 C Whiskey

Bring cream to a simmer and hold.  Carefully watch the muscovado as you give it the lightest of dry caramelization in a sauce pan.  As soon as the sugar is all liquid and slightly caramelized (don't burn it) carefully pour the cream in and whisk until smooth.  Pour a third of the caramel cream over yolks while whisking, and the return to the remaining cream (tempering).  Heat until slightly thickened whisking the whole time.  Finish with butter and whiskey stirring until smooth and creamy.