Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Days Are Counting Down

Tonight kicks of Hanukkah for our Jewish friends. Eight days of celebration, remembrance and family. In just a few short days we finally get to Christmas. Its a time of year when I start to think about time with family in front of the TV watching our favorite holiday episodes. The politically correct "favorite" in my family should be A Mom For Christmas staring Olivia Newton John - only because my cousin is one of Santa's helpers. And the obvious favorites are shows like How the Grinch Stole Christmas. But for me its the more obscure that lingers in my mind each year.

First, there's A Very Brady Christmas, or what about when Mr. T played Santa for Nancy Reagan...the grand ol' days of television! Alf had a pretty snappy Christmas episode too if I remember correctly. But my favorite was the Jefferson's in 1983, an episode called Father Christmas. The plot was simple. George, being the gruff dry cleaning despot that he was, refused to go caroling with Louise, Helen, Florence and Harry, so he and Tom sit around at home decorating their tree.

They spend the night reminiscing about their family's and it gives glimpses of George's soft spots. Isn't that a big part of why we love the holidays?

We get to return to our childhood's, be a family again, enjoy our family favorite foods and just be ourselves. This year, I'm not able to be with family again, relegated to the annual phone call where we talk to everyone for about 30 seconds each. But I know that back home they'll be enjoying plenty of wine and beer, some "new" version of green bean casserole, mom's sugar cookies, and maybe even a few bags of White Castles - no cheese.

As for Tyler and I, we'll enjoy our new family and friends down in the Southwest. I'll let my oven have a little break. And we'll go for a good long hike with the dogs.

As I wrap up these last few days of baking for customers, I'll get a post or two in just for good measure. I'll be wrapping up all of my December baking challenges. And I'll enjoy the joy our customers experience by finding that perfect gift in our store. Happy holidays to all of you!


Manggy said...

Merry Christmas in advance Rob! This might be my last Christmas with my family for a few years (hopefully not-- but what are the chances they'll let me have my vacation at the end of the year), soo... As usual, spending it firing up the oven in hyperdrive :) (I'm preparing two hams, grilled fish skewers, potato gratin, spaghetti arabbiata, chocolate souffle, fruit bavarian cake, and "Asian" salad... Thankfully the pate and the cheese take care of themselves. Whew! And it's not even Christmas yet! (it's for a pre-Christmas party with my mom's friends))

Tyler Connoley said...

When I lived in The Philippines, I remember New Year's Eve as the big family dinner celebration holiday. It was kind of like our Thanksgiving -- where you better have a good reason if you're not gonna be there for the big dinner. Is that still the case?

Manggy said...

Hi Tyler! Merry Christmas! Yeah, New Year's Eve is a BIG deal, but it's probably on the same footing as Christmas Eve. Also, mass is required for both Christmas and New Year (evening before if you so choose).