Monday, December 22, 2008

Recent Dinners

We're certainly not afraid of tofu, and this baked tofu dish was a real winner. Tyler also served it with an outstanding butternut squash casserole from Cooking Light.

Then he improvised this stuffed chicken breast that was filled with Niman Ranch bacon and avocados. This was damn good!

And finally, brats with a potato cucumber salad (odd combination, but very good).


Manggy said...

Cooking Light seems to be highly-recommended by you guys! (Well, it is the #1 food magazine in the US...) I love the char on the brats... Yum :) (Cucumber may take a lil getting used to, though)

Gfron1 said...

We've been cooking with Cooking Light for a decade - meaning, for ten years we have almost NEVER repeated a recipe, and 70% of the time the recipe comes from CL. In that time we've only had one bad recipe. Most of the time we modify and re-fat the recipe, but their ingredient usage and spicing is always right on. But, as you saw in the dinner topic last night, the cucumber in the potato salad was an odd use of ingredients.

Tyler Connoley said...

The cucumber in the salad was great. It gave it a bit of crunch, as opposed to the usual mushy potato salad.