Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Current Day Dreams

Lest you, my loyal readers, think I only dream about pastries and food, here is what I am currently dreaming about. But before I get there...who are my loyal readers?! I show hundreds of readers of each post, but I only know a few by name. You certainly are men and women (and maybe dogs and iguanas) of mystery!

So, about a month ago, I took a hike to an area I hadn't previously visited. It was near the trail head of the Twin Sisters mountains just north of town. Somewhere along the hike I came across a short, but titillating, little cliff that was formed in the middle of water run-off. Cliff + Water Run-off = Ice Climbing!

Did you know that ice climbing and alpine mountaineering are possibly the only pursuits that top pastries for me? It was a passion formed during my time in southern Colorado. Every free moment would be spent exploring new trails, not peaks, and new ice patches. In 2006, I logged 170 climbing days...not too bad for having a full-time job. I enjoy rock climbing, but for me, there's more solidity in ice than in rock. Not sure why, but there is.

And so as I walked above this little run-off formed cliff, I couldn't help but feel the buzz of anticipation. Please oh please, I thought, even though I am near the Mexican border, and even though this cliff faces south, please let there be a huge snow fall, a good melt, and a good freeze! Just one day, that's all I ask. Please!

And so now I wait. And wait. And wait. I wait as long as you always do in the Southwest - for everything. They call it the land of mañana for a reason. You can wait months for rain. You can wait weeks for a returned phone call. And I can wait years for that one perfect freeze that will let me strap on the crampons and sharpen the ice picks.

I'm waiting...and day dreaming. Did I mention we have a winter storm warning in effect today til 4?

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Manggy said...

Oh Rob, everyone knows iguanas can't click on mice!

I knew you were quite a mountaineer (this is only from Facebook), but I didn't know you were such a fanatic!