Thursday, December 4, 2008

Menu del Dia: Caldo Gallego

Yet another recipe from the Menu del Dia cookbook. This time Tyler prepared the Caldo Gallego (p. 62):

A fairly routine soup featuring pork, beans and greens.

This gave us the opportunity to use more of our recently acquired pork from the 4-H kids. Its been a bit chilly at nights, so its been nice to have soups and stews.

Again I'll say that this cookbook is about daily fare. Nothing fancy. In fact, I know some of you are afraid/intimidated/disgusted by what we normally eat, and increasingly I'm thinking that this is a good book for folks like you who might want to have something new, but aren't up for goofy ingredients or long, difficult recipes. Tyler and I have made soups similar to this many times before, but this was nice with the addition of the Spanish chorizo. Of course, served with a slice of my bread.

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