Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just what the arts ordered - speculaaskoekjes

Okay, so the title seemed like it would be funny, but only our Dutch speaking readers will get it. In Dutch, "arts" means "doctor." And since Klary recommended I eat some speculaaskoekjes to get over the tough week, and she's from the Netherlands...get it...never mind.

Stupid title aside, I made a batch of cookies this morning with some spices that Klary had sent me a few weeks ago.

Then I found her recipe at eG HERE. It just so happened it fell after our first snow.

So while my morning routine was cranking out, I stopped, enjoyed some speculaaskoekjes fresh from the oven (I sold the rest...always looking to make a dime!) and converted some leftover ganache (which is always readily available in my kitchen) into hot chocolate. I took a rare moment to sit and enjoy the hot cup and cookie in our front window.

Then it was back to work for what turned out to be a really fun and prosperous day!


Manggy said...

Ah, I take it the hot chocolate lesson last week happened because you always make the ganache fresh for customers? :) Looks wonderful, Rob! And perfect for the weather-- you'll laugh at me but I never would have thought it snowed in New Mexico! (I'm soooo dumb.)
I'm glad you had a great day :)

Klary Koopmans said...

Rob, they look great! And don't they smell wonderful?

Gfron1 said...

Who had time to smell them while I was eating them! And Mark, I knew it snowed in the northern part of the state since I've seen pics of the ski resort and snow in Santa Fe, but I didn't know it snowed down here (before I moved here). We're a stone's throw to Mexico, but we're up in the mountains so we actually get more snow than you would expect. The difference is that the snow always melts off by noon once the sun comes up.