Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fun cupcake technique: Marshmallow

I did a office holiday party last week and decided to send them some cupcakes. But I'm not the cupcake type of guy, am I?

So out came the pastry forms and the marshmallow recipe. I love making marshmallow, but I would never do it for myself. This was a recipe that I pulled off of StarChefs.com which I didn't whip to its finish. I wanted a soft marshmallow puff that I could pour and spread, which I did.

I sprinkled some cacao nibs on the bottom of the form for glitz and texture. The cupcakes were a basic sponge that I hollowed and filled with ganache.

Nothing too fancy, but the office staff loved them.


Manggy said...

Nice! Confession: I've never made marshmallows before :) I think I'd give this one more dip in a thin, pouring ganache for kicks :)
Did you finally settle on a technique for cutting out sponge rounds? They look very neat and pretty.

Gfron1 said...

They're perfect because I baked them in my pastry forms. Not cutting on these guys. And I agree, a dip would have been a nicer finish.