Friday, December 26, 2008

How we spent our Christmas

Our tradition began when we moved to Silver City and opened our store. We work such long hours leading up to Christmas that the best thing we can do is go for an overnight camp or a good long hike. This year we opted for the hike, but we started with breakfast.

A ham steak from our 4-H pig, butternut squash seasoned with garam masala, and our favorite French toast using pannetone with a hint of brandy.

Then we were off for a trail at Iron Creek in the Black Range. I've tried to find this trail before with no luck. This attempt was no more successful. We cut brush the entire hike, following a beautiful frozen creek. We just had to look away as the dogs showed no fear on the 45 degree ice slides. Here's Lexi trying to figure out why Tyler is able to stand on the ice even though he doesn't have claws...or does he!


Manggy said...

Yowza! Great Christmas brekkie. That's the second time I've seen french-toasted panettone today! That ham steak is the stuff of dreams. Maple syrup for everything, please. And maybe some pineapple for the ham, of course ;)

Lori Lynn said...

Oy, careful on the ice!

I posted Panettone French Toast today too. So did Marie and Stacey. It's an epidemic.

Happy Holidays to you and Tyler and the dogs!

Lori Lynn