Friday, May 9, 2008

Celery Cage Death Match

Yet another celery dessert - this one a cake for two co-workers who had birthdays this week. Strawberry dacqois base, topped with three layers of strawberry genoise, filled with lemon curd, strawberry jam, surrounded by celery mousse and coated in a white chocolate ganache. The cage turned out ugly, but look at that beautiful white chocolate orb in the center!

So why do I keep using celery? Until you've had it you won't quite understand, but as I've said before it is perfect to balance the cloyingly sweetness of many of my desserts. Every celery dessert has been a hit, and until the National Celery Council hires me to be its spokesperson, I won't stop!


Manggy said...

Thanks for explaining the celery obsession, Rob! Hahaha.
I think it's near-impossible to come up with a perfect cage that large! Is it made out of tempered white choc? I love the orb, though :)

Rob said...

It is tempered white - nothing else. I tried piping it which wasn't a clean enough look. I used an inverted bowl covered in plastic wrap. If I were going to do it again - which I won't - I would oil the bowl, then put on the saran. The wrap wanted to cling to the bowl.

Colette said...

Celery? In a cake? Wow...I've never heard of such a thing, but judging by how highly you talk of it I guess it must be good! I'm so curious how tastes!! Anyway, the cake looks great. I could never do a cage like that, and the ball in the middle does look awesome.