Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just let it go!

Have you noticed how battles around the world keep going and going? No, not the Middle Eastern wars going on right now...Moors and Christians! I decided I really should eat something so I looked in the cupboard and it was mostly bare. But I did find some of our Singing Pines hand harvested wood parched wild rice, a can of organic black beans,a and a wrinkled old bell pepper. Then I took a trip to my past and whipped up a pot of Moors e Cristianos (I'm probably butchering the spelling). I lived on beans and rice for so many years. First in St. Louis when I was running and needed constant energy, and then in New Orleans where I had red beans and rice every Monday (wash day).

I didn't bother finding a recipe, so I added some Maldon Sea Salt, fresh cracked pepper, a red onion, some bourbon smoked paprika (a recent sample sent by the sorghum company) and Greek Olive Oil. Turned out to be the best thing I've had since Tyler left.

I paired it with a New Mexico table red wine that a friend gave us. It has chocolate in it - how could that be wrong?! It suprisingly wasn't too bad. I'll have some more tonight.

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