Sunday, May 4, 2008

Akuna Fritata

Tyler always makes our Sunday lunch while I take a little nap - its the only day that I have that luxury. He cranked out a fast fritata of mushrooms, red onions, garlic, Ricotta Fresca (a super cheese), and a few other odds and ends. Served with a salad and green chile cheese bread.


Manggy said...

Yum, that ricotta sounds really good. I hope you are getting enough rest, Rob :)

Rob said...

I took most of yesterday off and all of today - I'm feeling much more relaxed. I'll probably do nothing other than a couple loafs of bread and those banana boats. For me that is relaxation. And BTW, that ricotta is a rockstar! Its hard and makes a super grating cheese. We've even grilled it and put it in paninis.