Sunday, May 25, 2008

Galo's Italian Grill - Richmond, IN

I've been in Richmond, Indiana for the past couple weeks, going to another intensive class.
Last time I was in Richmond, I ate at Palais Royale in Centerville, and blogged about it. This time, someone told me that Palais Royale has closed, but a new place has opened in Richmond.

As I understand it, Galo's Italian Grill was opened by the people who own Old Richmond Inn, which used to be the only "nice" restaurant in town. (When Rob and I got married [not legally] while we were living in Richmond, we had our reception dinner at Old Richmond Inn.)

Inside, Galo's is a little cavernous, and my friends said they had heard it can be loud, which I can see. The wine list was good, and had some nice Italian wines. The menu is fairly extensive, so it was easy for all of us to find something we wanted. One of us had "brick oven" pizza, which is a house speciality. The crust was some kind of whole wheat, and looked good. I had spaghetti, which was good and flavorful, and my other friend had eggplant Parmesan. Everything seemed to be made from scratch, and was tasty. For dessert, we had a creme brulee and a fruit tart, both of which were good but not fabulous (I have to compare everything to Rob).

The only real downside for anyone traveling in Eastern Indiana is the size of the portions at Galo's. You definitely knew you were in Indiana, where people don't feel like they've eaten if it hasn't been super-sized. I couldn't even finish half of my dinner, and was glad I was staying in a dorm room with a microwave available, so I could take my food home and have it for lunch the next day. It would have been a real waste if I'd been in a hotel.

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Rob said...

Cavernous! Geez, there's not another soul in that restaurant. Either you were there in off hours, its too pricey, or its not as good as you say.