Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I will survive

Tyler called concerned last night because he hadn't seen any posts of savory foods - assuming correctly that I haven't eaten much since he left. So today I decided to make a decent lunch - Applegate Farms pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, and buffalo mozzerella on pita. There - I ate.


Manggy said...

Tyler, I'd just like to inform you that I'm kidnapping Rob. Ha ha ha ha ha. I need someone to slather buffalo mozzarella over everything I eat.
Actually, not only do we have (v. expensive) fresh mozzarella (it's sold in tiny bags-- that's all we get), but an enterprising agriculture technology company in the rural areas is making real buffalo mozzarella. I heard it's much improved since years ago, when it was gray and flat-tasting. Maybe I ought to keep their business alive by buying some :P (uh.. I won't get Listeriosis, will I?)

Kendra said...

You kidnap Rob and I will kidnap Tyler to stay here in Indiana. It was sooo good to see him. You never ate that normal when you were here Rob? lol Kendra

Rob said...

let's save everyone the time and money. You two send us a hundred dollars and we'll go kidnap each other and have a good dinner!