Sunday, May 25, 2008


If you're ever in DFW Airport with a couple hours between flights, I recommend you make your way to Concourse D. It's the newest concourse in the airport, and one of the nicest I've been in. There are plenty of shops to while away some time, but it also has some of the better restaurants in DFW -- you won't have to eat at Micky D's or I Wish It Weren't Friday's.

I couldn't find Papadoux (the restaurant Rob wanted me to go to), but there are two nice restaurants on the second level of Concourse D. I ate at Cantina Laredo this time -- on a previous trip I ate at the Reata Grill. Sit on the balcony with the big windows showing the blue Texas sky, and you can almost pretend you're somewhere outdoors and not stuck in an airport between flights.

There are also some really fun interactive, walk-through sculptures in Concourse D that your kids might want to play in -- or your inner child might enjoy.

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