Saturday, May 31, 2008

Viva Espana

Cooking light just did a piece on Catalonian cuisine, so we prepared a few of the dishes. First was an intense garlic soup that was so good, but so smelly (days later our house reeks all the way out to the street), a vegetable mixture (samfaina) with smoked paprika, and a paprika pepper cod. It was an intense meal that was washed down with a hearty Spanish red.


Manggy said...

Oh no Rob, now people will be blaming me for why your photos are not appearing!! Why are the pictures deleted? Just ring me up if there's a problem :)

Rob said...

they seem to be coming and going...doesn't make any sense. They were gone earlier today on my work computer but are appearing now on my home computer.

Manggy said...

According to your flickr site, the last picture you uploaded is the chocolate walnut orange, last may 28 :)