Sunday, May 4, 2008

Das Boat

We've had two bikers staying with us for the Tour of the Gila bike race which is on the pro tour. These guys had stayed with us a couple of years ago, and so it was nice to have familiar guests.

When we said our goodbyes today I saw some leftover bananas and immediately started planning a dessert - pate brisee boats filled with carmelized bananas in palm sugar with a layer of ganache - sounds good huh?! Well they took the nanas leaving me with an empty boat waiting to be filled (They may be reading this so - its alright, I'll get more bananas). Then in a twist of fate, Tyler came home when dinner was coming out of the oven (bison steak) and said, can we share our dinner with friends. Truthfully, I was reluctant, but we did. So being bananaless, I needed to whip up a fast dessert - leftover lime curd with frozen berries.


Brian said...

Sorry guys, we needed something to snack on the way home!!!!

Rob said...

Those damn bikers and their banana addictions! Its okay, I borrowed (aka stole) bananas from a friend to use - I'm going to make those banana boats today.