Thursday, May 22, 2008

Open for business

I've always wanted to be able to bake consistently and sell my creations. No one in our town is doing anything special, but now's not really the time to be opening a bakery business with the price of flour and dairy. So I found a middle ground. I'm doing focused baking - meaning sure sales that won't have me working ungodly hours.

Today was the first day and here's what I made:
Chocolate Apricot Tart

Then I made browned butter, muscovado chocolate chip cookies using 60.5% Venezuelan chocolate discs

And finally I'm able to make one sourdough boule and two baguettes each day from my juniper berry starter


Manggy said...

Beautiful products, Rob! The tart looks especially good and great value for money, too :)
I have lots of people telling me to sell or supply cafés-- I always tell them they're nuts O_o

Rob said...

They are nuts - but wouldn't that be cool to supply a cafe?! There's not enough money in it to quit the paying job, but its nice to share our creations with people who appreciate them.

Colette said...

I wish I could buy those from you! The bread is so gorgeous! And you got me with the cookie--chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! I just can't say no.