Saturday, May 10, 2008

Say Cheese!

I don't know if any of the people who attend our cheese parties read this blog, but I'd sure like to know what they think of the parties. We've been throwing parties about once a month for nearly four years. Each time I bring a cheese in and sell it at nearly wholesale cost just for the sake of bringing great cheese to Silver City.

Tonight's was nothing too exciting - just Comté - but we gobbled up nearly forty pounds of it. For those of you not from this area what you have to realize is we're a town of around 10,000. There are over 125 members to this club - the Silver City Cut the Cheese Club. I'm blown away every time I think of that. What other town anywhere in the US has that high of a percentage of people in a cheese club - let alone any club!

Its not for the love of cheese for most members. Rather its for the love of a great party, but still, cheese is what brings us together. It makes me rather proud, and immensely happy that we throw these parties, and now I'm just waiting for the Dairy Council to see what a great marketing opportunity they have with us :)

Remember - you have a friend in cheeses!


Colette said...

I love cheese. If I lived by you, I'd be a part of the club! While I love cheese, that's pretty much it, I love cheese. I don't know all that much it! I kind of know how some are made, but only know of some cheeses. Do you any links to places I can learn more about good cheese?

Also, what kind of things do you serve with the cheeses you have at your parties?

Rob said...

Every guest brings a dish and bottle to share that is paired with the cheese. The potluck portion has grown to be the talk of the town. The wines on the other hand typically involved $2 Chuck and Yellowtail. But every now and then we have a hit. Last night a good friend brought a 98 Bordeaux to pair with our French cheese - it was outstanding!

dairyprincess said...

150 people in a cheese club?! 40 pounds?! That's fantastic! I'd be happy to share our cheese for your next party! :)

Rob said...

A real live Dairy Princess! Wow! I'm clicking my heals in anticipation of your cheese :)