Wednesday, June 18, 2008

National Public Pastries

Yesterday our local National Public Radio and PBS stations held a community town hall at our store for breakfast. This was an opportunity to impress so I got to the store very early and baked away. I started with Maple, Pear and Pistachio Scones that were perfectly moist and light (meaning not dry and hard like many scones):
Then had a perfect batch of croissant and pain au chocolate:
And I pulled a beautiful batch of Blueberry Brioche from the oven right as they started:
And finished with a little treat of Calissons. Calissons are basically an almond nougat with a hint of orange essence. Tyler doesn't much care for these, but they are special treats regardless.


Manggy said...

Wow, with all these promotions, business must be really great these days! :) I don't care much for candy either but the scones, the brioche, and the bread all look fantastic!

Lamzeydievey said...

oh man, those look amazing!