Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding Day

I'm often mocked by my family for not taking pictures of people. Here are two. First, the wedding couple that brought us to St. Louis. The bride is my cousin Heidi and her husband, Nick.

Here is my Aunt Betty, Uncle Max/Joe (Heidi's Dad), Uncle Dick and my Mom, Peg.
These are the root of my love of food. These four have travelled the world and eaten foods from all corners of the globe. My aunt has visited numerous countries including her more recent trips to Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, and Antarctica. She regularly brings back ideas for foods that she translates into meals. Uncle Joe is a Russian History professor at Washington University, and my guide in the world of cheese and beer. Uncle Dick brings me the Asian influence of Japan from his many travels to that country. And of course, my mom, who introduced me to Mexican night and Chinese night growing up, but now shares my passion for exploring new restaurants. We truly are a foodie family. None of us is quite the same, but there is not much you could put on a plate in front of us that we wouldn't eat.

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