Thursday, June 5, 2008


Summer is the only time of the year when I crave a cocktail. I'm not really a cocktail guy - something surely related to college when I couldn't afford anything except the 3-for-1 watered down vodka and orange juices. Give me a good beer or wine any day.

Tonight ended one of the windiest days yet. It was so windy that even I put on white flower oil. And so I stood staring at our meager liquor cabinet trying to find inspiration. Surely it should start with a tropical laced tequila. Maybe a dash of the raspberry syrup that I had to move to get to the tequila. Cointreau. You can't go wrong with that. Oh! And that limoncello in the freezer that we always forget about. A squirt of fizzy water. A cocktail unnamed but delicious.
To chase the cocktail we had this tasty but unphotogenic pork medallion with creamy polenta and shallot balsamic reduction, and a wedge of iceberg with blue cheese. Nice.


Manggy said...

It was so windy that even I put on white flower oil.
I'm sorry, I think I landed on my grandmother's blog by mistake! Kidding Rob! I'm just teasing :) That, and the Barry Manilow reference, heh heh... :)
I have to say, iceberg lettuce is the last vegetable I would've thought you'd choose! :P

Gfron1 said...

I didn't. Tyler's choice. He apologizes every time. Its more that its a vehicle for the dressing. Tell grandma to come on over and we'll share perfumes :)

Tyler said...

A big chunk of Ice Berg Lettuce, with a good dose of Bleu Cheese Dressing. That's my favorite salad.