Friday, June 13, 2008

The Library of Food

About a year ago a friend (Bayou Seco in our tabs to the left) loaned me From Here You Can't See Paris, which was a wonderful story set in the Jura region of France. It followed a family as it settled in from America to learn the culture and foods of France in small town life. Highly recommended.

Yesterday I started a new book that was loaned by our down the street neighbors (remember my earlier post - these are the ones who really live up the street but are directionally askew). A Pig in Provence looks to be a good one. I've only read part of the first chapter, but it is about an American family relocating to Provence, and they are preparing to set up a goat cheese operation. Should be fun.

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Colette said...

I'm so behind on commenting! Everything I missed looks so gorgeous!! I just wish I could pull it out of the screen.