Friday, June 27, 2008

Edel Weiss

I am in no ways an expert on beers, but over the years I've had quite a few good beers, and focus on weiss beers, and in particular heffeweissen. Wheat beers have a heartiness and flavor that are unmatched by my standards. I often describe heffes to the uninitiated as, "drinking a loaf of good bread." I haven't tried any of these beers yet, but will by the end of the weekend and I'll post my tasting notes. We found these at the new Friar Tuck's, which just opened in the past few days, and is surely the best beer/wine store in the St. Louis area, if not for many states around. They boast 4000 wines, 600 beers and every spirit imagineable. Some of my favorite stores are Kahn's in Indianpolis and KL Wines in San Fran. Friar Tuck's will definitely give both a run for their money in terms of quantity. Time will tell if their selection matures with quality and staff knowledge.

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