Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Tonight was Tyler's turn to make dinner and it was a seafood paella. He included shrimp and chorizo picante, but left out the mussels because, "I don't think its a good idea to eat mussels when you live in the desert." I agree.


Manggy said...

Argh! I'm excited to make paella! I have the saffron, smoked paprika (pimenton), and even the freaking paella pan (it was still much cheaper than a cast iron pan). What I'm too lazy to get is the bounty of seafood (probably because once I buy it, there's really no other way to go but cook paella right this minute). Tyler's looks awesome. What recipe did you follow, or is it pretty much instinctive to you guys at this point?
PS Boxed frozen New Zealand mussels are no good?

Rob said...

Tyler used a base recipe from Cooking Light then made it his own. Pretty typical for us that's why we never eat the same thing twice. And boxed mussels...yeah...not so sure mussels belong in a box anymore than in the desert.