Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog of a blog: FX Cuisine's Swiss Wine Tart

If there were any blogger whom I covet their kitchen, this would would be the one. Every now and then we see his kitchen filled with mounted lighting and photography equipment. I, on the other hand, just have my cheap little digital and Photoshop.

Last week FX Cuisine posted a recipe for Swiss Wine Tart. I grabbed my favorite bottle and gave it a go. Relatively simple recipe, and an outstanding crust. I ate all of them before they got home to Tyler...sorry Tyler.

Here is one of them fresh from the oven.

And after a few minutes of meditation:

It tasted of an apple pie, with no wine taste. I liked it very, very much and it is a recipe that I will repeat, probably for customers. On my next attempt, I'll include some fresh rosemary either in the crust, or in the filling itself. Give it a try.


Manggy said...

Wow, that's tres elegante. I wonder if there's an easy way to make the surface ultra-smooth: maybe to torch it for 10 seconds as soon as it gets to room temp to get rid of the bubbles...
Normally I wouldn't care about getting surfaces with a mirror-like sheen for tarts, but this one has gotten me inspired :)

FX said...

Rob, thanks for trying this recipe! If it's any consolation I'm a big fan of succulent plants (cacti, agaves, aloes, etc...) and we sure don't have the right climate for them here in the Alps - unlike New Mexico!