Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ephinal Spewforthedness: The Creation of Tasting Menu

You saw my last tasting menu from a few weeks ago. I was fairly tight lipped about it to ensure the element of surprise for the diners. I'm gearing up for my next one in late October, and I'm going to attempt to share the formation process here for anyone interested.

I hadn't given it much thought before yesterday with the exception that I want to stay true to the season and local foods. Then late yesterday the floodgates opened! My library of tastes has been throwing reference cards out faster than I can process them. It reminds me of one of the modern magicians who asks you to pick a card, then throws the whole deck against the wall only to have your card be the one that sticks while the rest fall to the floor.

When I start tasting menus, I start with flavors, not so much techniques or texture - that will come later. For example, I have some "sure things" that have come out: Whiskey, cheddar and apples; chapagne and pomegranate. Then I have the concepts that are dangling on the wall waiting to decide if they'll make it: jicama and coffee, for example.

In less than a day I have over 20 flavor combinations that I'm playing with. More will come. Most will be tossed. And that's just the beginning.

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