Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Christmas List Grows Like Puff Pastry

I want this pastry book, this pastry bookthis pastry book, this pastry book, this pastry book, this thermometer, this pastry form, this knife book, and this air brush. Don't think poorly of me. It's just that I haven't been that naughty, and I really do want world peace. But, if I had these and world peace...well, wouldn't that be the best Christmas ever!?

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Manggy said...

I have an infrared thermometer for patient use, but it is the most inaccurate, annoying piece of technology I have ever owned. Before that I owned another one that could be used not only for patients but also for other applications because of its wide range of temps. It was even more of a trainwreck. Maybe I just wasn't buying the right brand >:(
By the way... You haven't been that naughty?! Ho ho ho! :)