Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catering to their every whim

This weekend I had four catering jobs - yes, I am very tired. Here are a few of the creations that I made:

My favorite - a pistachio cheesecake with pomegranate seeds

Smoked salmon tart with Fleur Verte goat cheese and fresh dill

Gingerbread petit fours, lemon glaze and chocolate decoration (didn't come out as nicely as I had hoped)

Tuile of Asian Cabbage Salad - I purposefully left the tuile (little cup) sweet to pair with the sour of the slaw. This was very, very good.

And asparagus tips with homemade morel mayonnaise on toast

I made a few other things but the pics were boring. Finger food is so much better than fork food!


Manggy said...

Oh come on, the petit four looks good! The transfer sheet was a very chic touch :) Did you mean something was off taste-wise?
Very interesting mold you've used for the cheesecake too-- Chefrubber I'm guessing :)

Tri2Cook said...

Nice! Sounds like a busy week for you but the results look great. I actually got a bit of a break this weekend after a couple really busy weeks so I've been embarrassingly lazy.

Gfron1 said...

I was hoping for a lazy recovery day, but I'm teaching a Thai class in a few hours...back to the salt mine!

Manggy, I"m not sure if they're from Chef Rubber. They probably were. For Christmas I asked my family for pastry forms and molds...that's all I wanted. This year I'll add an infrared thermometer and the knife book from the eG member (can't remember his name right now).

Anonymous said...

oh. I want one of everything!

Sounds like you had a busy, but happy and fulfilling weekend... Yay Rob!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Could you maybe post the salmon tart recipe? It looks lovely!

Gfron1 said...

Thanks all - I'll be posting the recipe later today.