Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oui Chef!

I have always held the opinion that the term "Chef," should be reserved for someone with schooling. Technically, it simply is the title for the head of the kitchen, normally the person who does the management. I have not called myself chef since my kitchen take over.

Today, I served a guest a sandwich and a dessert. When I came to see how she was enjoying it, she was having one of those orgasmic know the ones. She told me that she attended the French Pastry School in NYC and had recently moved to town. I did a little shop talk and raced back to the kitchen to keep cooking. Later she had a second dessert - a mango, strawberry cheesecake that I had made. It was perfectly baked - perfect. Most people bake their cheesecakes until firm, but that is actually too baked. You stop when there is just a bit of jiggle left. This one was dancing in its pan perfectly. I went to see if she enjoyed the cheesecake and she started referring to me as "Chef." She must have said it ten times after that.

A very cool, key moment in my six week career. I'm willing to let my opinion soften...after all, it was a damn good cheesecake!


Manggy said...

Yes chef! Schooling takes many different forms. Strict schooling would disqualify many great people from the title-- Mario Batali and... You? Heh heh :)

Gfron1 said...

That Batali dude is a crackpot! He is no chef ;P

Machinist said...

You received acclaim and a wonderful compliment and from someone with the background to make it significant. For someone with your passion for your art it must have been a sublime moment. Congratulations.