Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Hell and Back!

Actually to an area called Hell's Half Acre. Tyler and the pooches and I took a little hike out to Hell's Half Acre.

You approach it from the top of a mesa, then scramble down into the valley to an area that has virtually no vegetation, just rock. Local lore says that this is the area that Geronimo would lead the cavalry into, knowing they wouldn't be able to find their way out, and die.

You haven't really met my girl, Lexi before. She always leads the way on hikes.

Whenever I go out for a hike, long or short, she's with me. And I have numerous stories of her being the best hiking dog ever. She's alerted me to bears, scary people, water when I was dehydrated, name it. We're always very connected when we're out hiking. This day was particularly windy and her ears were flapping away.

Just like any good parent, I hate when she runs to the edge of a cliff to catch a view. I wish she would stay back 10 feet. But she doesn't.

She is a mix of a Blue Tick Hound and Blue Heeler. Hence the name, Lexington Elizabeth ( in in the Bluegrass state). But enough about my little girl. After a while we sat down to enjoy a little hiking snack (all hikers should eat this well).

Kind of an eclectic international mix of foods. And here's a cheese for LL!

Fromage de Brebis is a sheep's milk cheese that is ultra buttery and creamy. Unfortunately, not too stinky, but a really great taste. Perfect on a dense cracker. You can see, it was a chilly day, so our cheese was a bit warm, but good nonetheless. Lexi didn't get any.

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Lori Lynn said...

Lexi is making ME nervous at the edge of that cliff. Cute name!