Monday, November 3, 2008

Gutes Frühstück

Yesterday Tyler and I took a true day off - no computers (mostly), no cell phones (mostly), and just lazed around (mostly). He started the day making me a German pancake with egg, which I hadn't had German pancakes in years. One of my favorites was in Indianapolis at Rick's Pancake House when I took all of my nieces for a morning of gluttony. I know I had the German pancake. Emmy had chocolate chip pancakes. Kelsey had a Belgian waffle. Erin had a huge stack of blueberry pancakes. And for the record, my non-food memory sucks, but I remember this meal even though it was from 10 years ago.


Lori Lynn said...

Isn't that the way it is, I can remember all the nuances of a wine for years but not remember who I drank it with? ha

BTW - Manggy sent me. He said you were into cheese.

Gfron1 said...

hi Lori Lynn! You like cheese huh. Well, I just received 30 cheeses at my store last night. I'll get some cheese porn pics for you. Remember, you have a friend in cheeses!