Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Meal

It was so incredibly nice to have Tyler prepare the meal this year - and it was outstanding. I'll keep my comments brief since there are some topics I want to share about specific things, which I'll do over the weekend. So here we go.

We shared the meal with new friends, John & Alysha, and Reneè, who has had us over to her house for Thanksgiving the past four years. It was a bit scary to have people over to our house since the house has been neglected ever since we opened our store. Now, everyone says they don't want people to see their mess, but really, we have a hole in the floor of our bathroom, among many other problems. Someday we'll have the time and money to get this house in order. Until then, you need to be a good, very good friend to cross our threshold.

Buy cyber friends can always enter (we'll photoshop out the bad stuff!). Here's our meal.

You'll recognize this as the boulè I made for our meal.

Gordo and Hordelian olives with Cabecou goat cheese - very strong and very creamy.

Pont L`Eveque with corichons and pickled garlic (isn't it great having a gourmet store!)

Ginger carrot soup from John & Alysha. They were worried because they added habañero, but we all liked it.

Tyler prepared this beautiful ham. The ham will be a later post because its one of the animals we bought from our local 4-H kids.

Pumpkin pie with cognac.

My version of a Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie (more on this later this weekend). This was all accompanied by lots of cheap wine, pomegranate mixers (Thanks PomWonderful!), as well as salad, cauliflower gratin and other stuff that wasn't photographable. The only thing missing was our families...maybe next year.


Manggy said...

isn't it great having a gourmet store!
#$@! Don't remind me of my envy!

Hee hee. Happy thanksgiving Rob and Tyler!
(Weird verification word:pidupon)

Gfron1 said...

I would say "Happy Thanksgiving" to you too, but its kind of an American thing, isn't it. Well, here's a Happy Bonifacio Day to you (a few days early).

Klary Koopmans said...

happy belated Thanksgiving! we don´t celebrate it here but I do seem to spend more time thinking about things I´m thankful for this time of year, when the weather is grey and cold and all you want to do is sit indoors and eat good food with your friends.
I´d love to hear more about that sugar cream pie!

Gfron1 said...

Sugar cream pie coming your way probably tomorrow!