Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

After baking nearly 40 pies, cheesecakes and baklawa, I'm resting. Once the word got out, everything I pulled from the oven sold before I even had it labeled. The very last hanger-on was an extra scrap of baklawa that I made for a Lebanese customer. With only 2 minutes before close, in walks the last victim...I mean customer! She needed raspberry flavoring (which I happily shared with her from my personal stash), and out she walked with a beautiful box of freshly made wholewheat baklawa (75% pistachio). Lucky her, and lucky me. This morning I'll do just a bit of baking for us, and then get back at it tomorrow. Thanks to all who enjoy my food either in their mouths or on their computer screens.


Manggy said...

Awesome sales Rob! So happy for you :) Happy Thanksgiving!

RAHiggins1 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and to Tyler!

Gfron1 said...

Thanks guys. The bloatfest is over. Back to the kitchen for another day tomorrow!