Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hot chocolate - a timeline for disaster!

I'm typing this during our city's lighted holiday parade. This morning I thought..."I'll make hot chocolate for the parade." Good idea right? Well, maybe. Except I would do it from ganache and thin it with hot milk/cream (and a bit of habañero). Here's the timeline:

6:30 Makes ganache and heats enough milk for two mugs
6:45 First customer asks for hot chocolate
6:48 Second customers order for 3 people
6:49 Third customer orders for 2
6:51 Fourth customer orders for 1...Rob starts to panic as he scrambles to make more ganache and heat more milk/cream
6:52 Fifth customer orders for 10!...Rob poops on the floor from shock
6:53 Rob runs out to the counter and yells sold out to the grumbles coming from the line of customer

7:12 Rob gets caught up on orders, says he can make one else wants any

Thanks universe - lesson learned. Be prepared.


chennes said...

Absolutely the best way to make hot chocolate, IMO. What kind of chocolate were you using?

Gfron1 said...

For that batch, Callebaut 54% For my personal batch, Valrhona 68%