Monday, August 4, 2008

Run Chicken Run!

A few nights ago we had dinner at Janey & Suzi's house. A house awash in chickens and pugs.
The night started with some crab dip and great wines brought by new friends, Alysha and John. They have a friend back in California who is a wine makers wine maker, and who gifted them with these great selections.
Next it was off to the room of dead animals and vaginas for dinner! Some great rolls bought at our co-op, greens and two styles of pork loin topped with local apricots cooked down to buttery goodness.
We finished with a dessert that I had made - sour cherries, some granny smith apples, a hint of vanilla sugar, topped with lady finger tips, turbinado and whole almonds. Baked at 350F for about 30 minutes and served with ice cream. Very good and super fast.


Manggy said...

Did I get that menu right?! Ha ha ha. :)

John Tyler Connoley said...

For those who don't live in SC, I think some explanation is in order. Our friends, Janey and Suzi, collect stuffed animals from estate sales (they don't kill them). Their dining room has a stuffed beaver and a naked-lady painting in it -- pun intended, I'm sure.