Saturday, August 9, 2008


When I went to school in New Orleans, I lived on muffaletta and beer. A true muff is about 10" across and was an easy lunch for me back in my marathoning days. Along with the etouffee that I served this week I also made muffs:
I made my own buns because I couldn't buy buns big enough. These were only 8" but that's still one big ass bun!
On the bottom of the bun add layers of mortadella, genoa salami, ham...
Cover the meats with some provolone. On the top of the bun add olive salad (green olives, black olives, giardinera [pickled cauliflower, carrots), some spices and olive oil, processed not as fine as what you see on my sandwich) and more provolone.
A light grilling to melt the cheese...
And that's a sandwich that would make any Y'at proud! It was a great sandwich sure to fill your belly!


Manggy said...

Mortadella? Oh yeah, Italian for Baloney. Ha ha ha :D I cannot for the life of me imagine eating a sandwich that is 10" across. I have enough problems eating a quarter pounder. (Ah, I see I would be a pretty cheap customer-- always ordering the kiddie-sized meals)

Gfron1 said...

A true mortadella should have the pistachios, and should be beef instead of pork - IMO. I couldn't get that so we used the pork and fat version. Still tasty. Earlier in the week I hadn't made my buns yet so I used regular sized buns and people thought it was a lot of food. Later in the week I had return customers get the muff again and were blown away by the size. Just doing my part to supersize America!

Randi said...

Is a true muffaletta pressed overnight in the fridge?

Gfron1 said...

I have never heard of that - I'll have to do some research.