Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here's a recent fast dinner that I made - Jambalaya with fried plantains.

1 Med. Onion
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 Celery Stalks
1 Chicken Breast
1 lb Andouille
28 oz Canned Tomatoes
1 C. White Wine
Cajun Seasoning (I prefer Tony Chaceres), Salt, Pepper to taste
1 C. Rice

Cube the chicken and cook in oil in the bottom of a dutch oven or everyday pan. Just before the chicken is cooked through, add the sliced andouille and cook until its smelling yummy. Next, dice the veggies and saute in a bit of olive oil until soft. Add the canned tomatoes (chop them if they weren't already chopped), add the juice from the can of tomatoes, 1 C. broth or water and the wine (should be about 3 C. liquid). Bring it to a simmer and add the rice. Stir in the seasoning and cover, turn to low until the rice is cooked.

Emeril would scoff at this version, but my dear Auntie Young would be proud!
Also, with the big dinner coming up on Saturday, I'm swamped with testings, so I may not get to post much until next week. Today I started gelatin clarifying my chile juice and making chile nori. I'll post results as I'm able. Wish me luck!


Manggy said...

I'm gonna feel like a major jackass for asking you this while you're so busy, but do you think you could point me to a great recipe? Like the one you used? It looks sooo good. (I think I may deliberately slightly burn mine, though.) I already have a canister of creole seasoning and everything :D

Gfron1 said...

I edited the original post with more details - of course the key is getting the right andouille and seasoning. Bueno suerte!

RAHiggins1 said...

How Funny, I just made Jambalaya with the dark meat from the frozen turkey remains I had in the freezer from Thanksgiving's fried turkey. I made 4 gallons of turkey stock and froze it last week.

I used turkey sausage and the turkey stock and large shrimps I froze after bring back from Destin.

I don't put tomatoes in mine though.

*Hint- Use Jasmne rice, it is much more forgiving on the rice to liquid ratio.