Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beeping and Bopping

This past week's lunch special was Bibimbop. I hadn't had it since the last time I had Korean in Indianapolis at Mamas, on the eastside. Its a classic Korean one-bowl lunch. It was a huge hit, and what was really exciting for me is that less than a half dozen customers had ever had it before, which means I introduced probably 50 people to this great dish. I had to make some adaptations, and I explained them to the customers so they would know what to expect if they went to a Korean restaurant, but I was very pleased with the outcome.
I'm stumped on next week's special...

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Manggy said...

Since I saw it on the forums, I've wanted to order it, but I can't help myself-- each time I enter a Korean restaurant, I *have* to have the dak kalbi! It's an addiction, I know.