Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ze French e Ze Toast

Tyler wormed his way into my breakfast this morning - and he claims he doens't like sweets. For me a morning isn't complete with a sugar shock to my diabetes resistance cells. So this morning I had french toast using the goose eggs from my birthday (thanks Karen Carr and Ralph Gauer), topped with slivered almonds from the store and a good glug of syrup from the Chocolate Doctor. She brought me this syrup back in January and we just hadn't made anything that needed syrup before now. Truth be told I had take a few swigs straight from the jar - I love good syrup. This is a really special Canadian syrup that was fresh when she bought it.


Colette said...

I'm with you--breakfast has to be sweet! And looks looks so delicious...way better than the instant oatmeal I'm eating right now .

Rob said...

I forgot to mention..."and deep fried." One of my father's (deceased from a heart attack) legacies in my life is that I, like he, love to essentially deep fry my French toast. that lightly pan grilled stuff is not quite as crunchy, and not quite and juicy (translation - greasy).