Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Taste of Thailand

Yesterday I taught a Basic Thai cooking class at the store for a sold out crowd. Basic is as far as I can take it. I love eating Thai, but I can only prepare the basics, so we did!

We started with a Thai Limeade sweetened with palm sugar. Then for appetizers we had salad rolls (spring rolls) followed by a Tom Ka Gai, which was a recipe found on eGullet and was outstanding - as good as anything I've had at restaurants.

The usual suspect - Pad Thai was another hit, and then just to prove how fast, easy and inexpensive Thai food can be I cranked out a tofu Masaman Curry in six minutes!

Dessert was sticky rice with mango sweetened with agave nectar.


Manggy said...

Ah, I thought you might have followed the eGullet template for a basic Thai course :) Of course, you won't have a problem with getting the ingredients together (it took me an AGE to find nuoc me chua)! They all look yummy!

Rob said...

I wanted to show folks how fast and easy, so I picked things in my comfort level. Tyler and I usually get home at 7 pm, and are in bed by 10, so we've got 3 hours to cook, eat, talk, and do tasks. Not much time. But, when we do Thai or Indian, the cooking part only takes minutes. The greatest revelation was that I recently learned not to boil my rice noodles - just soak them. That worked perfectly so we didn't have clumped noodles.