Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coming soon to a belly near you!

Each semester Tyler trapses off to Indiana for an intensive seminary course. These visits last a few weeks, and it happens to be coming very soon. In anticipation, I start developing a list of all of the desserts that I want to make - I don't have anything better to do! This is also a good time for our friends and neighbors since I can't eat it all myself. So, I'm taking orders and requests now!


Manggy said...

Oboy! What I'd give to be in NM :) You thinking of finishing Amernick's book? (how many more desserts are there?)

Rob said...

That's the story that never ends. I would say that there are about 20 more recipes, about half of which I have no interest in making. Many of the remaining ones are frozen, which I didn't want to make in the winter. Her recipes will be heavily represented!