Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday Dinner at Shevek's

For our birthdays, we went to Shevek & Mi which is our 'most likely to be a hit' restaurant in town. Tyler asked the chef to prepare a five course menu which ended up lasting four hours (amazing for Silver City). We shared the meal with friends Carl & Damie (it was her birthday too), and Mike and Cathy (it was her birthday as well).

No pics, but here's what we had:
Started with champagne (nothing notable, but a good starting point) with black olive spread and fried feta in grape leaves.

Next was Cabrales with warmed blood oranges (outstanding), and a dish called something like Menneman which included a poached egg, tomatoes, green pepper and served on pita. It was fiery hot. This was served with a 2006 Martinsancho Ruedo Verdejo. This was a very interesting and enjoyable wine, and very well paired.

Three soups were then brought out: Shrimp tomato bisque (off his menu), raspberry zin (also from the menu), and a creme de crezee which we affectionately called crazy soup. That was the hit, containing carrot and water cress.

Moroccan shrimp on cous cous with Herbe de Provence apple crepes, served with harissa creme fraiche. Paired with a Nabito 07 Marlborough Savignon Blanc.

Finally, veal scallopini mozzarella and blood orange chicken served with Nero Diavola Scilian 2005 Vendennia.

Desserts were unnotable.

Overall one of the best meals I've had at Shevek and well worth each of the four hours in his newly decorated space.

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