Tuesday, May 1, 2007


[Rob] The Fancy Food Show in Chicago is just four days away and we're gearing up for the big event. We use this show each year to find the hottest and newest food products, and bring them back to Grant County. This is also when we take a shopping list written by an entire city! All of the requests that you've made with us that we have not been able to find will be on our shopping list this weekend. But enough about the show...we're back in our old stompin' grounds.

Rob received his Doctorate from Purdue, and Tyler earned his Masters from Earlham. We lived in Indy for a while which is just a short day drive to the Windy City. We think this one of the best big cities anywhere.

We only have a few short days in Chitown and much of our time is booked with the show. On Monday we'll be presenting at the show on building community. Tuesday we've dedicated to walking the floor and eating as much food as we can - we do it just for you ;)

Before we get to business, on Sunday we're heading to Alinea. This is one of the top restaurants in the country, and has offered ample fodder for dessert ideas. We've heard that this 20+ course meal with wine pairings goes at least 4.5 hours, so we're both in stomach stretching mode.

The other focus for me is hitting the top pastry shops in town. I've used my egullet friends to steer me in the right direction. I'll show my pastry conquests later in the blog.

So feel free to send us your thoughts and product wishes and we'll keep you posted on the trip.

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bethanyjoy said...

Do you know how much I'd like to be in Chicago with you? We'll go this summer, but probably won't make it to Alinea. I hope you always have your camera at your hip. Have fun!

I like your blog...I can tell Tyler did the template (orange.) :)