Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alinea: More Complete Account, Part 3

[Tyler] This was probably my favorite course. I already talked about it in an earlier blogpost. Chanterelle mousse with carrot foam, curry, and ham. It came to the table looking like the picture above. Then, after our server described it to us, she removed the glass ring and it settled to look like the picture below.

We were both surprised, upon tasting it, to find out the curry was Indian Madras. For some reason we were both expecting an Asian yellow curry.

I honestly almost picked up my plate and licked it clean when I was finished -- and the great thing about the atmosphere at Alinea is that I'm sure no one would have minded. Perhaps if I'd been on my tenth wine pairing, instead of my second, I would have done it.

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bethanyjoy said...

Ooh, these are fun. I can't wait for parts 4-25!