Monday, May 7, 2007

Another Consierge...another adventure

[Rob] Apparently I need to refine my request for "small, ethnic restaurant." To me that means off the beaten path, less expensive, different. In hotel-land, that means "not a steak house." Tonight we asked our latest concierge (I should have used the website listed in a previous post comment). We ended up at Le Colonial - a French Vietnamese restaurant on Rush St. It was what you would expect - somewhat pretentious, somewhat pricey, with good food. We both stuck to soup and salad - mine being a seared scallop and noodle salad.

On the walk home I decided that my intestines need to resolve the culinary battle within. At first I thought it must be the sodium alginate from Alinea. Then I thought it might be the butter from Colonial. But then I remembered...its the KABOB!

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