Friday, May 18, 2007

Alinea: More Complete Account, The End

[Tyler] The last course, and finally we got a chef's whisk -- one of Chef Achatz's signature serving contraptions. This was an upside-down whisk, stuck into a metal base, and used to hold a ball of gooey yumminess. The ball was meyer lemon, surrounded by caramel, stuck on a cinnamon stick and then deep-fried. Thanks to the preparation, the cinnamon released it's scent, infusing the dish.

We took the sticks out of the whisk, and ate the caramel like a lollypop.

And that was it.


bethanyjoy said...

I have to ask...all the courses where there are tiny little tidbits on the plate (like the asparagus buds) or swirls of some kind of sauce...did you lick the plates?

Rob said...

We removed the sauces and scraps in a manner befitting a meal like this. No sloppy tongues were used in the cleaning of the plates.

Tyler said...

However, as I said in a previous post, if we had licked our plates I don't think anyone would have minded.