Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Dinner Menu - Pics

Let me get my whining out of the way first. These pics stink - I have a darker kitchen and didn't have enough time to set things up well. Second, my plating is downright poor in some of these pics since these came from one of my first nights before I had the kinks worked out. Last night's dishes looked so much more beautiful and flawless. Okay whining done - just look past the flaws (and professional chefs, remember, I'm a one man show in the kitchen).

To recap - I've been working with the local growers and producers to find a system that works for all of us. The problem is that most of them don't have enough to supply me, so I've developed a menu that focuses on the animals that I can purchase year-round (primarily bison and beef), and that core menu will stay consistent for about a month. Each Monday, the other growers and producers call me to tell me what they have to sell. They know my buying priorities are 1) Indigenous, 2) Unusual, 3) Micro, 4) Organic...but all have to be from our surrounding area. With their offerings I then build a menu around the core items, so the menu will constantly change. At this time of year I'm limited to sprouts and greens and a few other smaller items, but spring crops will be coming soon.

Everyone gets this amuse bouche - parsley sugar disc with local bee pollen and lavender.

One of the apps - mesquite blini with savory avocado ice cream and Chinese cabbage sprouts.

White truffle potato puree (Roubochon method) with wheat grass and sunflower sprouts.

The show stopper - hickory smoked filled canister of steamed unagi and bonito dashi with red radish sprouts. When the canister comes to the table all you see is smoked and once opened the smoke releases to reveal the dish. This pic is of the smoker tube ready to release its smoke.

24-hour beet/turnip with crema and parma tuile.

My previously posted blue corn taco with pork belly.

The most popular entree - Mark's embutido with broccoli sprouts, carbonated grapes and saffron bonito rice.

Very gooey passionfruit flourless chocolate cake with caramel

Apple pie - 24-hour apples, green apple mousse, cinnamon tuile, salted caramel

There are six other dishes that didn't get photographed which I'll try to add later. So far, the burger - which is really good is not selling, nor is the beef tagine, except when I fed the growers and producers who loved it. I'm very tired and will be posting reflections soon.


Manggy said...

Just wait till I get a water bath... (Oh well, steam works too, hehe.)
Your menu is a joy to behold. I would have been so excited to receive the hickory-smoked jar on my table - I'm glad the smoke didn't dissipate too quickly.
I'm a little surprised the burger isn't selling as well as you would have hoped. Not because I think people don't know how to order anything else (obviously not the case), but it's a classic and I would have been interested to see your take on it. Maybe it's burger oversaturation from the outside world.
Now, Rob, you didn't have to be a one-man show... You could have made tallMan an offer he couldn't refuse. (or at least a pic before he left, heh..) I hope you're not overexerting yourself.

Alisa-Foodista said...

It looks delicious to me!